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Who need a website actually ?

    Who need website actually ?
    the person or organization or company who want share theirs knowledge , services , goods, skill, explore at internet.
    In the present context the different organization are interest to explore at internet.
    The main advantages of website is it can handle from remote area to arnag city area. Which mean its can access any places of global where access of internet.
    So the at present snario important of website is increase by X time.
    Due to the internet and its services people are more dependent to the internet.
    normally website use at Nepal is different organization like
    tourism agency
    Hotel, ecommerces site , airline services , nog/ ingo, school collage / hostel, local vender , government , construction company , news portal ,etc.
    Seo meaning search engine optimization
    that is the required thing due to which your site more reliable to internet user and get easyness to operation. These all things are does for user friendly and more informative.
    These are depend on these thing. normal these thing are depend on which platform you use and their platform algorith. example if you want to optimazation at google then its depend on google algorithm. For that following thing may help you more seo at common platform.
    information ,
    services ,
    client feedback ,
    H tang
    Back linked
    Static webpages
    more then 40 pages and
    Same number of articles.
    Why need seo for company ?
    simple answer is to reached more client or user who may get more informative then past.
    And cam make more turnothen past. That is business.
    In the present scanario there is number of company establish for purpose of does seo marketing for diff*require company which is not sufficient. But may tries to best for the increase the sells and get valuable client to the company. The best digital marketing company is those company whose really doing professional job at their field due to which company get realtime user experience and increase their turnover then previous.
    What is the requirement for best digital marketing agency ?
    The main thing is professional content writter ,
    Good typescript , good desinger and creative writter.

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