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what is a digital marketing ?

    what is digital marketing ?

    The services to reaches more valuable client then present through internet . Which may direct or indirect profitable for organization or company. those all the web based activity is generally call digital marketing.
    What is the requirement for digital marketing ?
    before doing this marketing you or your organization clear about the what we are selling or giving a services.
    Then you most be need :
    internet access , electronic devices like pc personal computer / mobile / services or product.
    their is normally two type of client may reached
    They are organic and non organic client
    Organic mean the client who arrive due to your own job. That means without paying extra dollars.
    Non organic mean those client who may come due to investment of certain dollars. That is due to payment.
    summary : to reached the more valuable client at internet user applied all the web based activities are call digital marketing process.
    The world some billions of dollars income online business are : alibaba , amazon , facebook , linkedin , twitter, instragram, youtube , viber etc.
    At tourism industry like lonely plannet , booking , trip advisor etc.
    These are certain term which repeatedly hearing at digital marketing.


    Why need organization website/ business profile ?

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